Types of processes

Every industrial project has its own technical requirements as well as performance and site-specific requirements which are better served by certain types of production processes.

We thus design solutions specifically for the following industrial processes:

process-discontinu-batchDiscontinuous/batch process

Our solutions can be specifically designed for discontinuous / batch processes.

The manufacturing process is divided into different sequences (dosing, mixing, draining…) which are carried out simultaneously.

The size of the production line is calculated so that the finished product packaging system is fed in a continuous manner, via the buffer hoppers.

This solution is simple to control and ensures accurate traceability.



Industrial applications:

  • Formulation of coatings and mortars
  • Production of pasty products



process-continuContinuous process

Our solutions can be designed specifically for continuous processes.

Controlling these facilities is more complex as control loops/feedback loops are required (for example real-time raw material dosing based on the incoming flow rate of another raw material).

These industrial continuous processes can handle high mass flows via volumetric dosing or loss-in-weight systems.



Industrial applications :

  • Contaminated soil treatment line
  • Stone wool binding line