Additive dosing

Additive dosing station

ACTEMIUM’s additive dosing stations offer greater flexibility and productivity in the mixing process. These stations can be integrated into existing production facilities, or installed on the ground on an independent structure.

Storage hoppers are filled using Big-Bags and/or bags. An individual or collective dust vacuum system ensures the cleanliness of the additive filling stations. Dosing is carried out via Archimedes’ screws which are adapted to the specific characteristics of the powders.

Our twin-screw feeders combine speed and precision and can handle a wide range of additive quantities.

ACTEMIUM has developed mobile interchangeable dosing stations which are suited to many different kinds of additives. This system ensures maximum flexibility as any station can rapidly be substituted for another. This system can thus cope with frequent changes of product formulations without the need for cleaning operations.



ACTEMIUM draws on its extensive know-how of additive dosing to select optimum industrial dosing solutions and equipment capacity so as to ensure flexibility, high-precision and fast processes.


Our industrial solutions can be designed specifically for zones with potentially explosive atmospheres. Find out more…

Industrial applications of our additive feeders