The treatment of waste and contaminated soil requires complex dosing and mixing operations so as to achieve a homogenous mix and obtain the desired physical and chemical properties. ACTEMIUM has developed a robust range of patented equipment to meet these specific requirements.

We design and manufacture all the equipment needed for storage, dosing, mixing and handling of these powdery or pasty products. ACTEMIUM also designs and manufactures turnkey installations / facilities integrating all this equipment.

The applications are numerous:

  • Treatment of soil contaminated with hydrocarbons,
  • Neutralization / liming of WWTP sludge
  • Transformation of WWTP sludge into agricultural  soil
  • Blending and mixing of solvents, paints, miscellaneous waste …
  • Dust humidification
  • Cleaning with solvents


We have our own test center located in our workshops which is dedicated to dosing and mixing as well as dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying. These tests enable us to validate the solutions we develop to meet new industrial needs and requirements.


Environnement_traitement des sols pollués

Treatement of polluted soils


Biomass / wood pellets