Construction chemistry

Products formulated for the construction industry require precise formulation and a homogeneous mix. ACTEMIUM has designed, manufactured and installed turnkey formulation and mixing installations in over twenty countries over the last two decades. These construction chemistry industrial processes are used to manufacture tile adhesives, coatings and plasters. We are now developing processes adapted for the new generation of building materials (lightened mortars, thermal insulation, ready-to-use pastes…).

Design and installation of industrial processes for the construction chemistry industry.

We have fostered trusting relationships with our customers based on the state of the art technology used in our equipment and our ability to handle complex projects.

We design and manufacture all the equipment required for storage, dosing, mixing and handling of powders, granules or pasty products.

We have our own test center located in our workshops which is dedicated to  dosing and mixing of powdery, dry or pasty products as well as dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying. These tests enable us to validate the solutions we design to meet the evolving needs of our customers in the materials chemistry industry.

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