Specialty chemicals

Formulation processes in the chemical industry rely on accurate dosing and quality mixing operations. Actemium has developed solutions specifically for the chemical industry while abiding by requirements in terms of product toxicity (CMR substances), cleanliness, cleanability of the installations as well as traceability.

Industrial applications include catalysts, explosives, polymers, abrasives: additive manufacturing, nanopowders, … Our dense or dilute phase pneumatic conveyors ensure reliable and safe transfer of the products. Our micro-dosing stations with mobile feeders are both flexible and precise and also guarantee traceability.

All our equipment is available in 304L or 316L stainless steel with a full range of finishes (polished finish, mirror finish…).

We have our own test center located in our workshops which is dedicated to  dosing and mixing of powdery, dry or pasty products as well as dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying. These tests enable us to validate the solutions we develop to meet new industrial needs and requirements.

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