Animal feed

In-depth knowledge of animal feed industry regulations (GMP, HACCP … AFSSAPS) has enabled ACTEMIUM to develop a robust range of patented equipment which is used to build or revamp animal feed plants.

Factors such as dosing accuracy, the coefficient of variation, cross-contamination and traceability are systematically taken into account when designing equipment destined to the animal feed industry.

We design and manufacture all the equipment needed for storage, dosing, mixing and handling of these powdery or pasty products. ACTEMIUM also designs and manufactures turnkey installations / facilities integrating all this equipment.

We have our own test center located in our workshops which is dedicated to dosing and mixing of powdery, dry or pasty products as well as dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying. These tests enable us to validate the solutions we develop to meet new industrial needs and requirements.

Nutrition animale