Basic module

  • Rotation conveyor: a carousel conveyor with four fixed arms, the upper ends of which support a batch hopper. The body of the carousel rotates a quarter turn from one processing step to the next.
  • Batch hoppers: hoppers designed to receive the batch quantity
  • Skip conveyor: a conveyor that raises the filled batch hopper over the mixer
  • Mixer and receiving hopper

modular-mixing-plant for all industrial batch processes using dry powder, granules and pellets and other bulk solids

Configurable and combinable elements

  • Batch hopper
  • Mixer
  • Small quantity additive storage hoppers, dosing screws and weighing hoppers
  • Large quantity storage silos and dosing screws
  • Super sacks, big bags and sack unloading equipment
  • Process control solution


Standard auxiliary equipment

  • Central dust collection system, batch weighing hopper maintenance equipment, compressed air production system



  • Upstream and downstream processing equipment (e.g. sand dryer, sieve, packing line, palletizer)
  • Recycling equipment
  • Mixer optional features (e.g. cleaning-in-place system, auxiliary outlet, discharging, high speed choppers)