Dosing station and mixing management software

Actemium is the publisher/integrator of PRODOSE, production management software specifically designed for batch process dosing and mixing stations and for powdery and pasty products. PRODOSE is flexible, powerful and user-friendly.

Prodose is currently used in more than 25 plants on all 5 continents.

Prodose controls the various dosing and mixing production equipment of the plant following a process which is pre-defined in each manufacturing recipe.

PRODOSE uses standard solutions in terms of automation (Siemens or Schneider), SCADA (Wonderware) and batch management (Windev). This standardization provides our customers with greater autonomy in terms of future evolution.


Main features of the software :

  • Industry solution
  • Simple configuration of the installation, materials and recipes
  • Ascending or descending traceability
  • Stock management
  • Procurement planning
  • Performance monitoring